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About Us

About Parker Electronics

Established in 1988, Parker Electronics Private Limited is the Authorized Distributor for 3M, Mahindra CIE, Cosmo, TDK (Epcos) products. We hold the legacy of a successful past laced with consistency, and a path leading to incredible growth.

We are providing our clients with high quality products in Ferrite cores for Transformers and Chokes application, Welding rods, Electrical Insulation Solutions, Energy Related Solutions, Passive Fire Solutions, Commercial Cleaning Solutions, Matting System, Floor Protections etc.

With over 32 years of Experience in Electrical products and processes, we deliver practical and viable solutions and products for customer specific requirements, with a promise of QUALITY, DURABILITY AND SAFETY.

Vision Statement

"To Excel in what we do, to Inspire in how we do."

Mission Statement

Customer Delight = Q*P*T+ Communication,

  • Where Q is Quality Level (seen through eyes of our customers), P is Price Level (seen through eyes of our customers) and T is the response time or delivery time (seen through eyes of our customers).
  • Undoubtedly the factors Q, P and T together results in customer satisfaction. But above these 3 key factors is the communication which binds them together to produce delightful experience for our customers.
Mission Statement


Focus, Perseverance, Professional Commitment & Ethics and Hard work are the only keys to Success in long run.

Business Goals & Objectives

  • We work to make Profits.
  • We work to build and leverage Long Term Relationships with our customers and suppliers.
  • We work hard to honor our Commitments.

Business Strategy

  • Grow by consistently delivering customer delight.
  • Grow through developing & leveraging long term relationship with suppliers.
  • Grow through backward integration, in cases where above strategy doesn't fit.
  • Grow through continuous improvements in our internal processes and infrastructure.